Ha Giang Loop Jeep 3 Day tour


Price Quotation in USD / person 2 pax 3-5 pax 6-8 pax 9 pax up
Ha Giang Open Air Jeep  $399 $385 $370 $ 250

Special request for private tour please contact us 



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Brief Ha Giang Loop 3 Days 2 Night Open Air Jeep Tour

Day 0 : You will get pick up by night sleeper bus at 19.30 - 20.00pm

transfer from Hanoi to Ha Giang by night sleeper bus you will arrive next day early morning around 4 am  we provide you homestay for sleeper untill 8 am before tour start 

(If you would like to take day bus. or limousine please make request on the booking)
Day 1: Ha Giang city - Bac Sum Slope - Quan Ba Heaven gate - Twin mountain - Yen Minh – Tham Ma Slope - H’mong King Palace - Dong Van Town.
Day 2: Dong Van Town - Volunteer Youth monument - Ma Pi Leng Pass - See over view of Nho Que river - Meo Vac – M Road - Mau Hue Valley - Du Gia village
Day 3: Du Gia - Du Gia Waterfall - Duong Thuong Valley road - Khe Mang road - Terrace rice paddies Valley - Bac Me - Ha Giang - Transfer back to Hanoi by Limousine or sleeper bus ( B - L)
Tour includes
Pick up and drop off from hanoi by Sleep sleeper bus or limousine
- Accomadation will stay at Homestay or Hotel, bungallow,  All private room for every night 
- All food includes. 3 Breakfast - 3 Lunch - 2 Dinner - authentic local foods.
- English speaking tour guides.
- All entry fees. 
- Vintage Army Jeep Open Air 
- Free water durring the tour.. 
- Pick up and drop off at your hotel.in Ha Giang & Hanoi As well 
Tour not includes: private drink at local restaurant, and travel insurence, tip for guide and riders....

3: Why You should choose Open Air Jeep ?


- On the Back of open air jeep you can see over everything around, can see over view same as motorbike But Jeep More comfortable and Safe

-Ha Giang Loop Open air Jeep Tour Unique - Fun, and give you amazing feeling About the trip


- For Open Air Jeep is Cool and Chill also safe and for you don't like Motorbike Open Jeep will Be the best option for you to see Ha Giang Loop 

- Our Tour see much more than another tour our 3 days tour same itinerary of 4 days tour of another company 

- Experience, funny, informative and enthusiatic english tour guides.

- Jeep carry all your luggage.

- Small group we arrange for transfer from Hanoi to Ha Giang at our booking office in Hanoi  (Maximum group 4 to 6  people).

- Stay at homestay or bungallow, Hotel all in the private room 

- Unique itinerary to see highlight and famous places in Ha Giang , get some adventures and learn local culture. see amazing Ha Giang 

- Visiting amazing places where you  can not visit in any tours. get off the beaten track, see the culture, meet the people, see the real Ha Giang on the back of Open Air Jeep 

- Reliable and proffessional driver.

- Pick up and take back you to any place in Hanoi.

- Experience authentic local food.


 What is our different with another jeep tour ? 


Our Jeep tour can open all loop and you will have windy give you a cool time during ride windy and open loop you can see over view of every thing around you


Another Jeep Tour only open loop top windy can not come make you very hot, sit inside same as you sit on a car not thing intersting and not open all loop and more expensive than car tour, only open the loop not open the air coming lets consider's to choose the suittabel for your trip 


This pictures of another jeep tour 

This Our Army Open Air Jeep can get windy, and sit behind our open air jeep you can see ovew view of the scenary incase when is rain we have cover loop it get more fun to choose army open air jeep 

Tour Itinerary  



Day 0: Hanoi- Ha Giang 



Our team will pick you up at your hotel by sleeper bus / private cabin/limousine depending on your option. You will be staying at our homestay in Ha Giang for free until the tour starts.   



Day 1: Ha Giang city - Bac Sum Slope - Quan Ba Heaven gate - Twin mountain - Yen Minh – Tham Ma Slope - H’mong King Palace - Dong Van Town. 



At 8 a.m., you are going to meet our team in the office after having breakfast. We will present you with the program including how to keep safe while traveling behind our driver and wearing safety gear. 

On the first day, You will definitely experience the feeling of surprise from one surprise to another. Our team will take you to visit the Bac Sum pass. You will have the opportunity to admire the winding road that looks like a giant python slithering through the foot of "Twin Mountains".  On the way towards the pass,  Seen from a distance, you will see the Bac Sum slope looks like a soft silk strip, crossing the rolling mountain peaks with mist and hazy clouds and craggy rocky mountains.   

Crossing the Bac Sum pass, the first place our team takes you is Quan Ba Heaven Gate - located at an altitude of 1500m above sea level. Here, you can breathe fresh air and fully admire the enchanting and majestic beauty of mountain and forest nature,  rice fields, or flower valleys when in season. After that, you will be driven to the next location which is Quan Ba Twin Mountains, and listen to its tale.  

During the trip, you will see the Dong Van Karst Plateau.  Visitors will see gray mountains mixed with cat-ear rocks, so this place is considered the "gray paradise" of Ha Giang. People often grow corn and other food crops on cliffs slanting through the rocks on the mountainside. On some roads, you will encounter small houses precariously perched on mountainsides or cliffs. 

On the way to the next destinations,  you will pass Nam Dam and Lung Tam villages where the Dao and Hmong ethnic minorities live, visitors can feel the national identity through the people and landscape. You will see local people drying corn - their main food, or working in the fields. Or children play together and support their parents in the fields with their parents.  They still maintain their culture, always wearing traditional costumes even when working in the fields. 

You will have lunch at Yen Minh town for a few hours before continuing to climb up the Tham Ma slope where you will encounter on one side a towering mountain, that looks like it's about to collapse. Then, you will visit King Meo's Mansion, also known as the Vuong Mansion. The trip ends, and we will take you to a homestay in Dong Van. You could enjoy the local dinner and then visit the Dong Van old town if you prefer 



Day 2: Dong Van Town - Volunteer Youth monument - Ma Pi Leng Pass - See the overview of Nho Que River - Meo Vac – M Road - Mau Hue Valley - Du Gia village 



After having a local breakfast, our team will take you to continue the trip. On the path to completing Ma Pi Leng Pass, one of Vietnam's four famous passes. It is a severely 20-kilometer-long pass route on the Happiness Road that connects Ha Giang City, Dong Van, and Meo Vac town. There is a rest area for travelers to rest and enjoy the view. From the top of Ma Pi Leng, you can see the panoramic view of Dong Van Stone Plateau and  Majestic mountain scenery with cliffs on one side and the deep abyss of the Nho Que River with emerald green water on the other.  


During the journey, you will pass through The M-shaped road which is the next spectacular location is a bending M-shaped road that runs from Yen Minh to Meo Vac.  Going through Mau Due, you will have the opportunity to discover the communities at the foot of the mountain - Tay and H'mong villages - and learn about the unique traditions, and cultural practices of ethnic minorities. You can keep your memories here like a painting amidst the wildness of the rocky mountains, the green forests, and the beauty of the winding roads.  You will take an overnight in Du Gia villiage.


Day 3: Du Gia - Du Gia Waterfall - Duong Thuong Valley road - Khe Mang road - Terrace rice paddies Valley - Bac Me - Ha Giang - Transfer back to Hanoi by Limousine or sleeper bus ( B - L)   


You will meet a small village named Du Gia in the valley surrounded by rice, corn, or high mountains towering in the clouds. On the way, you will see corn fields stretching far and wide on high mountain tops, leading past houses with wooden walls and roofs, with sidewalks filled with dry firewood stacked in large bundles and surrounded by stone walls. The next spot is Du Gia waterfall in which the water flows through the rocks, creating a long stream of different sizes, sometimes large and small. Because it originates from deep forests, the water at Du Gia waterfall is clean, clear, and cool. Then,  you will stay overnight at Du Gia village.


On the journey, you will go through curvy roads  named Duong Thuong and Khe Mang -  along the cliffs. You will be walking along a small road running between two cliffs, on the side of the road is the green color of corn fields and high, picturesque rocky cliffs. after that, you could see the beautiful terrace of rice paddies valley which is a gift for the mountain in northern Vietnam from nature. On the way back to Ha Giang City, You will be amazed by the majestic and poetic beauty of vast green forests and the romantic Gam River in the Bac Me district. The trip ends, and you will get transportation back to Hanoi.                

                                             BOOK THIS TOUR

 Mr. Khang – The Owner Tour company 

Mr Khang was born in Ha Giang from a small village at the Valley of the rock lime stone mountain, I'm an ethnic minority in Ha Giang, my minority is TAY the live in my village very poor, I want to escape of the poor live, I'm have  hard study with my dream bring good money for family and could do something for my village, I saw tourism is the best way for me to change my life, Khang love tourism then Khang decided study tourism be come a tour guide - so am I graduated tourism in University in 2008 and had over 10 years work as a tour guide in all over Vietnam and also being motorcycle tour guide and tour operator. Now I see my countryside in Ha Giang with beautiful landscapes, Motorbike must be the best way to see landscapes, and Motorbike can ride through some roads as car can not come though, and Khang also want to bring good Job for local people and handle for a lot of poor people from my village so that why Ha Giang Loop Tour Open today  - Motorbike Tour Ha Giang was born today, Ha Giang Loop Tours. I hope my story will come to you and you will come with my tours, I'm write in English not so well but I can speak for you understand all of my English.  

Mr Khang - Ceo - Fouder

Ms Van Manager of sale marketing


Thuy Sale Executive , thuy Graduate from tourisum unuversity and been working long time at toursm and she understand all thing about ninh binh tour, Thuy she will have best suggestion for you if you have and request 


Ms Vi is Customer care and help you any information if you have any request for anothet tour good english speaking 


Mr Thai Tour Manager, Tour operate, Customer care, operator suport tour guide and driver and book hotel and all service 

This Oanh our Sale Executive Oanh graduate at tourism university and be tour guide for 3 years and get a lot of experience and Oanh also looking for authentic travel experience and Oanh decited come to work fo us asle Sale Executive and product, we have the same thought that why Oanh come to work with us 

Ms Quynh Operation 

Ms Phuong is Marketing online 

Mr Khuyen Our product manager 

 Mr PHONG sale marketing offline 

Mr Tien is Admin website and marketing online 

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