How to do Motorbike tour in Ha Giang

to do motorbike tour in ha giang if you have a lot of luggage so how you can carry, as many people asking this question, and if you travel by suitcase how to do with suicase, and how if you have big beg, this not a big problem, if you travel in Ha Giang we recommend you ever one travel by motorbike in Ha Giang should prepare for you a beg for you put your importain clother and some thing need to wear for 3 to 4 days motorbike tour trip

How to travel in Ha Giang on Motorbike with luggage? 

For travel in Ha Giang mostly people travel to ha giang loop by motorbike, and many people worry about how to put your luggage where to put suitcase? for our experience we would like to recommend you if you doing motorbike tour in Ha Giang you should prepare for you a baf big enough for you to put your clother necessary for 3 or 4 days, if you come from Ha Noi By suitcase mostly when you book a motorbike tour you can asking your travel agent where you can leave you suitcase or you ca still come back same hotel in Ha Noi you can ask to leave your luggage at the hotel or you come to Ha Giang mostly travel agent they have hostel or office you can leave your bid suitcase or big luggage only need to bring some thing necessary for your trip on motorbike 

For motorbike Tour Ha Giang you can ride your own bike if you are good riders and have licence we hightly recommend you ride your own bike, every bike we prepare for you the box or place in motorbike for you keep your luggage, or Motorbike Tours Ha Giang we have hostel for you leave your luggage in Ha Giang  when finish trip you will take your suitcase or big luggage our team will help and support you any way just contact us to get information for help +84975874987 Mr khang 

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